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Single and Double Extension

Why have the stress and worry of moving home when, Yarwood Construction can provide you with an economical and viable solution which will solve all your living space problems? An extension isn't only an improvement to your home it's an improvement to your life.  You can opt for a single-storey or a double-storey extension. Providing you with that great new space for an open plan kitchen/dinner or an extra bedroom or two. Extending your home is the perfect solution for a growing family.


An extension to your house is not considered to be a permitted development although there limits and conditions. You will need planning permission if any of the following applies to your extension:


The extension is higher than the highest part of your original roof. Any part of the extension is more than four meters high and within two metres of your boundaries. The extension will take up more than half of the total ground area of your land (this excludes ground covered by the original property). The total volume of the original building will increase by more than 115 cubic metres.

The total volume of the original building is increased by more than 10% for terraced houses or any property in a conservation area of national park.

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