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Garden Room's and Summer House's

    The summer house has, over time, become a staple of the British garden landscape. There are a plethora of companies, building styles, prices and levels of quality to choose from.

    It’s important to choose a garden building for what you intend to use it for. Do you want a space to use relax in for short periods in the summer or are you looking for something more robust and suitable for year-round-use? Green Retreats are proud to offer fully insulated garden room that “level-up” the traditional summer house; a space to use all-year-round and not just in the warmer months.

    Green Retreats are the UK’s largest, leading garden room company offering the ideal alternative to a standard garden summer house. Since 2005, we have been creating spaces for people in their gardens for leisure and business, and for schools and large corporate organisations. There is one common theme with every customer we have built garden rooms for and this is the need for extra space. This is why the traditional take on the summer house is not the best solution for those looking to create a space that can be used all-year-round, but an insulated summer house from Green Retreats could be the very thing you need.

    In April last year the Government updated its latest guidance, restating that an outbuilding only falls under permitted development rules if it is used for a purpose “incidental” to a house, and therefore would not result in self-containment or consist of a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.

    It is generally accepted that gyms, playrooms and indoor swimming pools are incidental to the enjoyment of a house but outside these established uses, the definition of “incidental” is usually contested.

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